Why does your business need a

cloud consultant?

I can deliver the best telecommunications and cloud providers that meet your business goals and save you time and money.

consulting_1Today’s market offers so many choices for phone, data, and IT services that it is extremely difficult for a company to do an apples-to-apples comparison between providers and platforms. This is not the late 90’s, when new federal legislation created more competition for commodity services like long distance and a T1 circuit. I will help you determine what you need and who you need it from.

Here’s a simple analogy: your organization most likely uses a payroll company. The reason you use a payroll company is that you don’t want to hire payroll experts to work in your organization full time. You are also not masters of payroll yourselves. You want to focus in on what you do well. Like payroll, telecommunications has become so complex for companies that they have to dedicate their own staff to research solutions and support their infrastructure after implementation.

We all know that time is money. Don’t waste either – let me do the research for you and help you choose an affordable, scalable, easy-to-manage option that is best for your business. Or, let me supplement the research you’ve already done and you will gain peace of mind that you’ve exhausted all solutions so you won’t have buyer’s remorse.

You need strategic advice going forward to keep your business competitive.

I am your partner. It is in my best interest to see you succeed. As a cloud consultant, my days are spent following new trends in business technology so that you don’t have to.

• Want to have the ability for your staff to work remotely?
• Interested in implementing a call center to focus on inbound responsiveness to your customers?
• Want to understand if you truly need an MPLS network for your offices?
• Thinking about moving your business?

These are all topics that I can advise you on.

consulting_2You need help navigating or negotiating contracts with newer technology companies.

In the telecommunications and technology industries, it’s not just the products that change at a maddening speed. So do the players. Mergers and acquisitions are commonplace and you need to have someone on your side that won’t let your service suffer. As part of my job as a cloud consultant, I will follow any updates and changes in your carriers while ensuring consistent service for you and your customers. The price you get with Hosted Authority is the same that you would get from the carrier. All you need to do is continue doing what you do best, and I will focus on telecom.

For more information on how a Hosted Authority cloud consultant can help your business make a technology or telecommunications decision, please contact us.