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Differences In VoIP Platforms

Differences In VoIP Platforms Hosted VoIP is Hosted VoIP, right? Wrong. Understanding the differences in VoIP platforms can be as important as choosing your CRM or email platform. When replacing your PBX, don’t just ask for a price.  Ask what platform it … Read on

VoIP Pitfalls

VoIP Pitfalls VoIP and UC offer tremendous advantages for business communications.  The shift from the traditional phone network, or PTSN, has been so widespread that major phone carriers and even the FCC have forecast the death of the PSTN.  But … Read on

How Network Affects VoIP

How network affects VoIP How important is your network to the quality of your VoIP service?  The question is better stated, “How important is the quality of your voice?”  In the VoIP paradigm, a number of factors affect voice quality … Read on

  A CONFERENCE CALL IN REAL LIFE– DECONSTRUCTED Tripp and Tyler’s “A Conference Call in Real Life” has gone viral on YouTube, garnering almost 6 million views in less than a month. What makes it so popular? As the comments … Read on

  BROADSOFT UC ONE IS HERE. IS YOUR BUSINESS READY FOR IT? Broadsoft, the world’s leading platform for hosted PBX, announced the coming of their Unified Communications (UC) client almost exactly one year ago in this press release.  Since then, … Read on

Advantages of Hosted

ADVANTAGES OF HOSTED SERVICES There are four main advantages of hosted services compared with similar services that are offered on site, or on “prem”.  These advantages are seen with all types of hosted services, such as email, storage, software, security, … Read on

VoIP and UC Misconceptions

  VOIP AND UC MISCONCEPTIONS There is a great deal of confusion in the marketplace regarding business technology, which has led to the creation of some common myths about Voice over IP (VoIP) and Unified Communications (UC).  Hosted Authority identifies … Read on